The Inspector General is located at Camp Humphries but can service Yongsan. Please visit their website for more information:

Our Mission

The Eighth Army Inspector General team’s mission is to support Soldiers, DOD Civilians, and Family Members.  The IG team serves as an extension of the Commander’s eyes and ears creating a more credible, reliable, and knowledgeable organization.  The team focuses on enhancing the Readiness, Warfighting, and Mission Capabilities of the command.  The team adheres to strict standards of integrity, objectivity, independence, professional judgment, and confidentiality. 

What is an Inspector General?

The Inspector General serves as a member of the Commander’s personal staff providing advice and counsel on all IG matters pertaining to the state of the command’s economy, efficiency, discipline, morale, training and readiness. In other words, the IG is interested in every aspect of the command. The IG Team is made up of Soldiers and DOD Civilians selected for duty based on experience and proven professionalism. 

What We Do
•    An informal fact-finding process used to address a complaint involving a request for assistance or a request for information  
•    IGs encourage personnel to allow their chain of command to solve problems at the lowest level
•    IG’s assess, assist and enhance the ability of the command to effectively prepare for and to perform its assigned mission
•    IG’s identify root causes of problems, and apply a compliance oriented or systemic approach measured against an established standard
•    A fact-finding examination into allegations of impropriety or an adverse condition affecting the warfighting and mission capability of a command
•    IG’s may investigate any violation of law, policy, or ethical standards, including but not limited to allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement
Teaching and Training 
•    IG’s utilize knowledge and experience to assist in achieving and maintaining discipline and combat ready units 
•    While inspecting, assisting or investigating, IG’s improve the command by teaching and training others in policy and procedures 

Things to remember about the IG

Everyone has the right to contact an IG at any time, and no one may hinder an individual’s right to do so.  Supervisors may not engage in reprisal or retaliatory measures against a person for contacting an IG.  The easiest way to submit an issue or complaint is to contact us or to submit DA Form 1559, “Inspector General Action Request” through the following email address:  We answer all IG inquiries objectively, and we strive to maintain confidentiality as much as possible.

What the IG Does NOT Do

Please understand the IG complaint resolution process does not generally address issues covered by other grievance channels unless those avenues were improperly administered.  Dissatisfaction with the outcome is not considered improper administration.

Before You Tell The Inspector General
•    Be sure you have a problem, not just a peeve
•    Give your chain of command a chance to solve the problem
•    If IG assistance is needed, contact your local IG first
•    Be honest and don’t provide misleading information
•    Keep in mind that IGs are not policy makers
•    Keep in mind that IGs can only recommend, not order a resolution
•    Remember IGs can only resolve a case on the basis of fact
•    Don’t expect instant action on your request… Be patient
•    Be prepared to take “No” for the answer