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The Casey Field Office (CFO) and Yongsan Field Office (YFO) is staffed with personnel assigned to the 524TH MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BATTALION, 501ST MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BRIGADE. The CFO and YFO conducts continuous counterintelligence (CI) collection, investigations and operations in support of USAG Yongsan-Casey to develop early warning of terrorist activities and deny adversary intelligence of sensitive and critical U.S. forces order of battle, technologies, vulnerabilities, capabilities and intentions.

How We Can Help You

  • Covering Agent Program: Aligns a Special Agent to the supported unit to provide liaison between the unit and the intelligence community.

  • Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP): Educates personnel on indicators concerning espionage, international terrorism, and the insider threat. Educates personnel on what makes them susceptible to foreign targeting. Shows what needs to be reported to Counterintelligence and why it is important. Completes Unit’s annual requirement for TARP training per AR 381-12 & AR 350-1.
  • OPSEC Briefings: Educates personnel and family members on what to say and what not to say in order to protect their families, unit, and themselves.
  • Foreign Travel Briefs and Debriefs: Provides specialized briefings to personnel traveling to foreign countries. Provides up to date threat information and means of protecting themselves and their unit operations. Briefings are in accordance with applicable regulations and required for overseas travel. Provides Memorandum for Record to their S2.
  • CI Recruiting: Our mission is to recruit the best quality men and women within the ranks of the United States Army in the Grade of E-4(P) to E-5 non-promotable (Active Army) and in the grades required by the position recruited for in the Army National Guard or US Army Reserves to become Counterintelligence Special Agents. We are looking for the best qualified soldiers with the desire and drive necessary to detect, identify, counter, and neutralize the Foreign Intelligence Entity threats that target Army interests through the conduct of investigations, operations, collection, analysis, production, and technical services and support. For more, visit CI RECRUITING CAC Access Required.
  • CI Threat Assessments: Conducts a yearly Counterintelligence Threat Assessment to address foreign intelligence, terrorism, and insider threats within Area 1 and Area 2.
  • Counterintelligence Vulnerability Assessments: Provides the Commanders of Units with a solid CI assessment of the vulnerabilities of their equities. Provides recommendations to mitigate threats targeting information of intelligence value.
  • CI Investigations: Conducts investigations concerning espionage, terrorism, and insider threat with a foreign connection. Can provide units, with a need to know; a Summary of Information concerning up to date threat information to protect their equities.

What needs to be reported to Army CI?

  • Attempts by anyone, regardless of nationality, to obtain or acquire unauthorized access to classified or unclassified information concerning DOD facilities, activities, personnel, technology, or material through questioning, elicitation, trickery, bribery, threats, coercion, blackmail, photography, observation, collection of documents or material, correspondence (including electronic correspondence), or automated systems intrusions.

  • Any DA personnel who are in contact with any official or citizen of a foreign country when the foreign official or Citizen exhibits excessive knowledge of or undue interest in DA personnel or their duties which is beyond the normal scope of friendly conversation.
  • Repeated involvement in security violations.
  • Attempts to obtain information for which the person has no authorized access or need to know.
  • Unexplained or undue affluence without a logical income source.

For additional reportable incidents and indicators please see CHAPTER 3, AR 381-12.


iSALUTE provides a user-friendly means to report Counterintelligence Information for the entire Army Community and establishes Army-wide iSALUTE reporting procedures and availability. iSALUTE does not require a log-on to report CI Information. iSALUTE promotes foreign threat awareness across all commands and leverages every member of the Army community as a sensor to help identify and prevent potential espionage or international terrorist acts against the Army. iSALUTE Report Categories- Insider Threat, Espionage, Terrorism, Sabotage, Surveillance, Suspicious contact, Security Compromise, Sedition, Treason, and Subversion. Please keep all iSALUTE reports UNCLASSIFIED.