Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)
The Yongsan Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Program (BOSS) supports the overall quality of life for the single and unaccompanied Soldiers (including single parents) on the installation. The Yongsan BOSS program supports the chain of command by identifying quality of life issues and concerns by providing recommendations for improvement.

It assists single Soldiers in identifying and planning recreational and leisure activities that are offered in a safe and exciting environment. It provides an opportunity for single soldiers to participate and contribute to their respective communities and gives the individual a sense of responsibility and involvement.

Fitness and Sports      
Fitness Promotion Office (DMWR) 736-3340 Bldg. 5200 M-F: 0800-1700

Collier Field House 736-4588 Bldg. 5200 M-F: 0500-2300 Sat-Sun/Hol: 0800-2130

The Point  (Dragon Hill Lodge)  738-2222  Bldg. 4305 M-F: 0430-2100 Sat-Sun: 0700-2100

K-16 Gym 741-6328 Bldg. S-158 M-F: 0600-2100 Sat-Sun/Hol: 1000-1900

Dining and Entertainment

Town House Food Court Bldg. 1455 723-4123 

Burger King (Town House Food Court) 725-5314  Bldg. 1455 Daily: 1100-1900

Joaya Korean Fusion (Town House Food Court) Bldg. 1455 M-F 0700-1500 Sat: 0800-1500 Sun: Closed

Panda Kitchen (Town House Food Court) M-F 1100-1900 Sat: Closed Sun: 1100-1800

Popeye’s Chicken (Town House Food Court) 738-6228 Bldg. 1455 Mon.-Fri.: 1100-1900

Starbucks Mon-Fri 0700-1700 Sat-Sun 0900-1700


KATUSA Snack Bars (South Post) 724-5134  Bldg. 1099 M-Sat: 0900-1900


Honors Cafe DFAC 725-3028 Bldg. 1533

Dragon Hill Lodge

Bentley’s Pub (Dragon Hill Lodge) 738-2222 Bldg. 4050 Sun - Thurs: 1600-2400 Fri-Sat: 1600-0200

Deli/Bakery (Dragon Hill Lodge) 738-2222  Bldg. 4050 Daily: 0600-2100

Greenstreet (Dragon Hill Lodge) 738-2222 Bldg. 4050 Daily: 0600-2130

Pizza Hut (Dragon Hill Lodge) 738-7494  Bldg. 4050 Pizza Hut: Mon-Sun 1030-2000Daily: 1030-2100

Sables Steak House (Dragon Hill Lodge) 738-2222  Bldg. 4050 Tue-Sun: 1700-2100

Subway: Mon-Fri 0700-2000  Sat-Sun, 0800-2000

Off-Post Entertainment

Seoul offers a wide range of choices for entertainment, from the very expensive, black-tie event
to much more reasonable options. Plays, operas, ballets, and orchestral performances are held
frequently throughout the year at venues all around the city. Local artists, as well as "big-name"
international artists, perform in Seoul. The National Theater, Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul Arts
Center, and the LG Arts Center are just a few of the places to catch a performance.