Information & Referral                          

DSN: 738-7505

  • Provide accurate information, helpful resources, and community assistance
  • Multi-Agency Coordination, client referral and Follow-up Assistance
  • Volunteer program, lending closet and EFMP                       


Mobilization & Deployment Readiness    

DSN: 738-4655

  • Master Resilience Classes
  • FRG Training and Support
  • Army Family Personal Preparedness including NEO (Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations)
  • Promote Resiliency & Well-being


Employment Readiness                          

DSN: 738-7505

  • Assistance with resumes, job search, and interviewing
  • One on one counseling and workshops
  • Federal and General Resume Writing classes
  • Scheduled Community wide Job Fairs
  • Computer Lab with printing                        


New Parent Support                            

DSN: 738-7034

  • Resources and services to help enhance parent and infant attachment and to increase knowledge of child development
  • Hospital and home visits
  • Newborn, parenting, and prenatal classes
  • Children’s weekly Playgroups


Exceptional Family Member Program       

DSN: 738-7035

  • Support services for family members with medical and/or special educational needs
  • Multi-Agency Community Coordination
  • Respite Care & Support Groups
  • Recreational Activities                  


K-16 Outreach                                          

DSN:  741-6693

  • Link Units, Families, and Communities using education, services, and support
  • Provide family readiness classes and services to the K-16 community
  • Provide ACS Briefing, Classes, Information tables and Displays for your event


Family Advocacy Program                  

DSN: 738-7047

  • Trainings and resources for Commanders and troops
  • Classes for parents and families in Preventing and Solving Family Programs
  • Communication, Relationship & Parenting Skills Education and Services                    


Relocation Readiness                              

DSN: 738-7505

  • Information, Counseling, and Training for Before, During and After a PCS Move
  • Lending Closet
  • Sponsorship Information and Welcome Packets
  • Introduction to Korean culture, ESL and Korean Language Classes

Financial Readiness                               

DSN: 738-8861

  • Financial Readiness Training and Education
  • Individual Financial Counseling and Classes
  • Commander’s Briefing and Troop Trainings
  • Coupon Social and Money Management workshops
  • Army Emergency Relief (AER) Program                   


Victim Advocate                                  

DSN: 738-7010

  • Provide awareness and prevention, trainings and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting and follow up for sexual harassment/assault issues in the workplace or domestic violence in the home