CEMMD_logo.jpgThe Engineer K9 Detachment (94TH EN DET ) and Combat Engineer Mine Detection Dog (CEMDD) Handler course are located at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. It is the only course of its kind in the U.S. Military and the only DoD Military Working Dog course outside of Lackland Air Force Base, TX. The Engineer K9 Detachment was activated post 9/11 due to emerging threats on the global battlefield and the need for an assured mobility asset for conventional and non-conventional forces. The K9 Detachments sole purpose is to provide a mobility enhancing, explosive detection capability to combat any and all threats in current and future Areas of Operations.


  • Not attack trained
  • Bold but not aggressive, steady under gunfire
  • Sensitive - not distracted by other covering scents
  • Able to operate in real time
  • Able to reduce manpower and increase search speed
  • Have a proven track record to locate explosive hazards
  • Can be used when other forms of detection fail
  • Used to search and clear Routes, Open Areas and perform Casualty Extractions


Benefits of Joining the Team

  • Career Enhancing Assignment within the Engineer Regiment
  • Additional Skill Identifier (ASI)
  • Operate as an individual, with limited supervision and greater responsibility
  • Routine atypical training opportunities (Air/Waterborne/ Mountain/ Subterranean)
  • Availability of other Career Enhancing training opportunities; Sapper Leader Course, Explosive
  • Ordnance Clearance Agent (EOCA), Air Assault


Course Information

atrrs_rdax_100x23.gif CEMDD course information, requirements and pre-requisites can be found on ATRRS. Click here for direct link. (DoD members only)