Charlie Cobras 554th Engineer Battalion


Company Mission:

Charlie Company, 554TH Engineer Battalion executes and supports the WOES and ECCC to produce values based leaders who are tactically and technically competent, and committed to fight and win our nation’s wars.

What We Do:

Charlie Company oversees the Engineer Captain’s Career Course as well as the Warrant Officer Basic Course and Warrant Officer Advance Course for 120A’s, 125D’s, 919A’s and WOILE. We work closely with the Department of Instruction (DOI) and students to assure that all students’ administrative needs are met.


Click course name for welcome letter:

  • ECCC
  • WOBC 125D (coming soon)
  • WOAC-WOBC 919A (coming soon)

Regardless of your class please fill out a Personal Data Sheet and have it ready to submit upon arrival.

Army Directive 2012-20