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Safety Message

On average we lose 11 Soldiers in off-duty mishaps between Thanksgiving and the first duty day after the New Year. Typically, nine of those die in private motor vehicles. For perspective, the holidays are the second deadliest time of year, trailing only the summer season. Given that we've already lost 16 Soldiers to off-duty mishaps since October 1st  of this year (14 private motor vehicle mishaps, one drowning and one accidental gunshot), we are now in a period of elevated risk the next several weeks. 

As your units get ready to conduct safety briefings and training soon, consider using the following:

1) Small Unit Leader Cards (pdf found here) - designed to be printed out and carried in a pocket, this tool assists junior leaders in providing a safety brief.  Contains useful mishap statistics, talking points, and can be modified to include local high-risk areas.

2) The Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation - don't task anyone in your unit to build a safety brief or lead safety training without having them check out this resource first.  Professionally constructed each year, it has a little bit of everything; driving, POW handling, alcohol use, etc.  with powerful supplemental, attention grabbing videos.  It can be tailored to the topics you want to focus on.

3) Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS) - not a requirement anymore, but still available for Soldiers to use.  I'd consider having first term, newly licensed, or first-time car owners use TRiPS with their first line supervisor before starting a long Holiday road trip.