Principle Advisor and Educator on Resource Management



To acquire and efficiently manage the financial resources necessary to provide state-of-the-art base operation services.


A values-based organization and trusted partner of the Fort Leonard Wood community, dedicated to providing proactive leadership, sound guidance and unwavering support to stewardship of this installation's resources. A professional team empowered to meet new challenges while ensuring each person's and organization's opportunity to excel.

Budget and Accounting

  • Control all Appropriated Funds.
  • Tracks and executes current/prior year annual funding and the reimbursable program and mid-year review.
    Provides liaison and assistance to Garrison Commander, staff, and external agencies.
  • Identifies budget requirements and anticipated funding for next year's annual funding.

Manpower and Agreements

  • Provides manpower execution guidance/ data analysis to the Garrison Commander, Garrison activities, and higher HQ.
  • Provides analytical and advisory support to the Garrison Command Group.
  • Provides input to higher HQ for documentation of Garrison manpower and equipment requirements, authorizations, and structure.
  • Processes equipment requests for Garrison activities.
  • Documents the Garrison mobilization manpower and equipment requirements in accordance with higher HQ guidance.
  • Serves as the office of record for relevant manpower and equipment information to internal and external customers.
  • Provides input to higher HQ to assist in the identification and validation of civilian and military manpower requirements.
  • Negotiate, develop, and conclude a variety of high-emphasis agreements with Inter-Service Intra-Governmental agencies. This includes the reimbursable relationship required by DoD regulations. In coordination with the MACOM and/or Regional lead and legal advisor, this program will also negotiate, develop, and conclude agreements with a variety of international customers. This includes a reimbursable relationship required by law.
  • Will conduct regular reviews of existing agreements, updating or terminating as necessary.
  • Will negotiate, develop, and conclude a variety of low-emphasis agreements with customer agencies. This includes the reimbursable relationship governed by Army policy.
  • Provides oversight of mandatory Federal management controls programs.