It is important to protect yourself in the extreme weather

Being proactive could possibly save your life in extreme hot and cold weather.
This page offers useful information about protecting yourself.


Quick Reference Trifold



sun.jpgHeat and Cold Informationsnow.jpg

 It is not uncommon for conditions in Missouri to change rapidly.


Heat Injuries

Individual Safety Card

Winter Storm Preparation & Cold Weather Resources



tornado.jpgTornados and Lightninglightning.jpg

 Missouri weather can change very quickly; it is important to remain aware
of the weather around you. Take watches and warnings seriously and
take appropriate action.


Tornado Safety Tips

Being prepared



rain.jpgFloods and Flashfloodsrain.jpg

 Flash floods can be very dangerous. When crossing a low water crossing
it is of the utmost importance that you stop and turn around.


Turn around, don't drown!