The Directorate of Public Works: plans for, constructs, maintains and repairs real property including buildings, roads, utilities and grounds.  DPW provides energy conservation, environmental and natural resource management services; and assigns Permanent Party Barracks at Fort Leonard Wood.

DPW Divisions

Business Management Division: (573) 596-1790 or 0928
DA4283 Work Orders are submitted through your Brigade S4 office.
EMERGENCY Work Order Line: 573-596-0333


Environmental Division: (573) 596-0882
The Fort Leonard Wood DPW Environmental Division is committed to environmental excellence in all aspects of the Fort Leonard Wood mission. 

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Energy Division: (573) 596-0956
Make energy a consideration for all Army activities to reduce demand, increase efficiency, seek alternative sources, and create a culture of energy accountability while sustaining or enhancing operational capabilities. Our goals are:

  • Reduced energy and water consumption
  • Increased energy and water efficiency across platforms and facilities
  • Increased use of new renewable and alternative
  • Assured access to sufficient energy supplies
  • Reduced adverse impacts on the environment
  • Eliminate energy waste in existing facilities
  • Increase energy efficiency in renovation and new construction
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Conserve water resources and
  • Improve energy security


Housing Division: (573) 596-0984
Provide qulity housing facilities and services for all service members, single or married.
Balfour Beatty Communities Leasing Office (573) 329-3105 or RCO at (573) 596-1080