Status of Conditions
1st Street GREEN
Alabama Avenue GREEN
Constitution Avenue GREEN
Indiana Avenue GREEN
Iowa Avenue GREEN
Missouri Avenue GREEN
Nebraska Avenue GREEN
Polla Road: West Gate GREEN
Polla Road: Bridge GREEN
Secondary Routes: Cantonment Area GREEN
Housing Area: Secondary Roads GREEN
Housing Area: Primary Roads GREEN
Secondary Intersections GREEN
Main Intersections GREEN
East Gate GREEN
North Gate GREEN
South Gate GREEN
West Gate GREEN


Status of Conditions
Safe and Secure Run Routes ACTIVE
Recreational Areas GREEN
Airfield GREEN
East Gate Road GREEN
FLW F (low water crossing) AMBER
Hunting/Fishing Areas GREEN
Troop Transport GREEN
TSB Ammunition Delivery GREEN
Ranges GREEN
Dundas RED
Un-improved Range Roads GREEN
Secondary Range Roads GREEN
FLW 28 and TA 244 GREEN
Cantonment Training Areas GREEN


Units Training YES
Heat Category 1

Contact Range Operations at 596-2525 for Training Areas and Ranges impacted.        
Contact LRC at 596-0814 for guidance/updates on TMP Troop Transportation.         
Contact G-33 at 528-0798 or 573-855-1846 for guidance/updates on Water and Ammo Delivery.

Current Fire Danger Level: 3

(3)  (HIGH) Tracer ammunition, pyrotechnics, WP, or incendiary devices will be used only on ranges and training areas that are contained by a currently maintained firebreak. The range or training area does not have to be burned prior to firing unless WP or incendiary devices are to be used. Use will be approved by Range Control.


Action Officer Contact Information

  • The current weather conditions are available anytime by dialing 573-563-4141. 
  • The weather phone and this weather report are updated as changes occur. 
  • DO NOT CONTACT THE SNAIR MOBILE PHONE FOR WEATHER UPDATES. This phone is used specifically for conducting SNAIR Operations, not for providing weather updates or road conditions.
  • Action Officer Phone Number:  (573) 563-4045 / 6126