For questions on sponsorship or upon arrival, call the Installation Sponsorship Liaison: +49 (611)143-548-1615; DSN 548-1615. Sponsors are available for soldiers and civilians. 

Youth (grades 6 to 12) can also be provided a sponsor through the School Liaison Office.


Your sponsor will guide you through the PCS process. Once a sponsor is assigned, you should hear from him or her within 72 hours. As a part of the correspondence with your sponsor, you will be asked to complete a needs assessment (which have been inclueded on this page).

Tips for making the most of your sponsor relationship:

  1. Be timely in your feedback.
  2. Be specific in your needs, including the completion of the needs assessment checklist.
  3. Do your own research where applicable. If you are on social media, consider joining some of the Wiesbaden groups. These community resources are also available to answer questions.
  4. Be respectful of your sponsor's time. He or she has both personal and professional responsibilities to balance with sponsorship duties.



The following checklists will be given to you by your sponsor. This list will help him or her best meet your needs.

This PCS/Covid-19 Checklist will be used by your sponsor. We're including it as a resource to help you better undertand the process of PCSing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These documents will be used by your sponsor to help you navigate the PCS process. We're including them to help you understand what he or she will be asking.

Additiona resources are available in the entire PCS/Newcomer section of this website.