The mission of the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, Directorate of Human Resources, Military Personnel Division, Identification Card Section, is to provide equitable, accurate, timely and efficient customer service to the Wiesbaden community through the ID Card Section while establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our stakeholders to enhance the well-being of the USAG Wiesbaden military and civilian Family.

Update June 15, 2023: The use of DD 577 (Signature Card) for DEERS has been phased out and replaced with this appointment memo. Completed memo can be brought to the ID Card office in person or sent by email.

Please note: For confidentiality reasons, the ID Card Office is unable to answer the telephone when there are customers in the office. It is advised that customers with questions send an email to: usarmy.wiesbaden.id-europe.mbx.id-cards@army.mil

ID Card Appointments

Instructions: How to Book ID Cards appointments ONLINE

Walk-in Exceptions (Mon-Fri 8 - 10:30 a.m.)

  • CAC lock/pin reset
  • Lost or stolen ID card (must have military police report)
  • Military/civilian expiring ID/CAC within 72 hours
  • Adding a new dependent
  • Out-Processing
  • In-Processing military/civilian

BE AWARE: Appointments have Priority

Update August 2023: Select Sponsors may request Uniformed Service ID (USID) Card renewal online, which if approved, are mailed directly to the card recipient; no in person appointments necessary. Review all requirements and info here: Online Uniformed Service Identification Card Renewal Pilot

Be aware, if you choose to renew a USID by mail --

  1. The card recipient's mailing address must be present in DEERS and in the continental United States, Hawaii, or Alaska.
  2. The card recipient's mailing address cannot be a Post Office (PO) Box

ID Card information

ID card renewal can only be done 90 days prior to card expiration. 

Remember to update your DEERS record when eligibility and/or personal information changes, i.e. military career, address, or family status (marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, etc.). For more DEERS information and updates, please visit: http://milconnect.dmdc.mil

Please read the following information prior to making an appointment.

Appointment timelines
A scheduled appointment can take between 15-30 minutes per session. A session may consist of one CAC ID or two dependent ID cards. When making appointments please schedule according to the number of cards required.

Identification instructions
All customers must present two identity documents. Age 18 and older must have two valid forms of non-expired ID.
Click here for a list of acceptable primary and secondary forms of identification. 

Civilian employees
At the time of ID card issuance, you may need to provide a completed DD FORM 1172-2. Please check with your servicing HR office if it is required in your case. Bring two forms of ID.

CAC reset for invalid PIN, blocked and locked cards
No appointment is needed for a CAC reset only if you received an error stating the card is "blocked, locked, or have an invalid PIN." This action will be conducted as a walk-in service.

Lost or Stolen CAC/ID cards
Contact the MP station to file a report. The report form, bearing the Provost Marshal stamp, must be submitted along with two forms of ID if 18 or older.

Power of attorney (POA)
If the military sponsor is deployed or on temporary duty, you must have a valid "general" or "special" POA. This form will allow you to conduct business on your sponsor's behalf.

Initial spouse enrollment
When adding a spouse to DEERS, the sponsor must be present or the spouse must have a valid POA with the following documents:  A valid state or federal photo ID in the new name, the original, certified copy of the marriage certificate, and a social security card. If dual military, the spouse must be enrolled and listed under military personnel.
If the spouse is a foreign national, bring the original marriage certificate, the spouse's valid passport and birth certificate. All documents must be certified and translated into English.

Dependent ID cards
The sponsor must be present for issuance of a new ID card to a dependent. If the sponsor is not available, the dependent must have a DD FORM 1172 (from the DEERS office) signed by their sponsor and witnessed by a verifying official or POA.

Adding children in DEERS
Sponsors must have the following documents for the child: birth certificate/certificate of live birth authenticated by the attending physician and a social security card, if the SSN has been issued. If a stepchild is being added, the marriage certificate is required.

Full-time college students
All college students 21 years and older must bring a letter from their school registrar's office stating they are enrolled full time in an accredited college in pursuit of an associate's degree or higher to have dependent benefits extended to age 23.

Children born out of wedlock
Female sponsors will need to bring the child's birth certificate and SSN card, if issued. Male sponsors must bring a court order establishing paternity or a state voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form, the child's birth certificate, SSN (if issued) and legal documents showing paternity.

Enrolling a dependent ward
An initiation of dependency determination application is required. Pick up the application at the Finance customer service office, Bldg. 1023 West. You will need to provide a DFAS letter of approval, a court document placing the child in the member's household, a birth certificate and SSN card, if issued. All documents must be translated into English and certified.

*NOTE* - Court Document MUST have the Sponsor’s name listed.

Parent enrollment
An initiation of dependency determination application is required. Pick up the application at the Finance customer service office, Bldg. 1023 West. You will need to provide a DFAS letter of approval, the sponsor's birth certificate and a valid photo ID of the parent along with their SSN card.

Parent-in-law enrollment
The enrollment process and documents are the same as for parent enrollment, listed above, but instead of the sponsor's birth certificate the spouse's birth certificate and marriage certificate will be required. All documents must be certified and translated into English.