The priority of the the garrison safety office is to maintain safe and healthful working conditions for the Soldiers, family members and civilian workforce in partnership with the Greater Flint Hills Community by employing the highest professional standards and providing exceptional service to Fort Riley. The GSO is the provider of consistent, quality services that are a force multiplier in supported organizations' mission accomplishment, and materially enhance Soldier, family and civilian well-being and readiness.


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Motorcycle Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment Procedures for US Army IMCOM Traffic Safety Training Program

  1.  Go to website
  2.  Click on "I ACCEPT".
  3.  Under the heading you will find; Region, Garrison and Courses
  4.  Using the down arrow choose the following:
    •  Region "West"
    •  Garrison "Fort Riley"
    •  Courses: Choose course that you want to enroll i.e. Basic, Experienced or Sport Bike Course
  5.  Click on calendar icon or "Next Month" to select dates and courses if course is full for that month.
    •  NOTE: Grayed out courses are past; courses in Red are filled; courses in Blue are available.
  6.  Click the desired date of course to enroll and follow the instruction.
    •  NOTE: Please read "Course Detail" for qualification/requirements, date and time of the course.
  7. Once registration is complete, click "Save"
  8.  ATV/Dirt Bike enrollment will be submitted to Garrison Safety Office to schedule class Bldg 500, Basement room 15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I report an Accident?

 A. Emergency 911, Ambulance 911, Fire Department 911, Military Police 911 or 785-239-6767, Spill (Fire Department) 785-239-4257, Garrison Safety Office 785-240-0647.  After Duty Hours (FROC) 785-239-2222.

Q. Who do I contact for Safety training?

 Garrison Safety Office at 785-240-0647 (except Motorcycle, contact 785-239-3391).

Q. How do I enroll in Motorcycle Training?

 A. Contact GSO at 239-3391.