All Soldiers arriving to Fort Riley, Kansas will in-process through the 1st Victory Reception Center.

Uniform: OCPs, if signing in Monday through Friday during duty hours (0800-1700). 

Soldiers will need the following on arrival:

  1. Copy of DA 31 (leave request)
  2. Assignment Orders w/ any amendments
  3. Health and Dental records
  4. Military Personnel records
  1. 1st Victory Reception Center staff will not approve PTDY upon arrival. We recommend you have your departing unit authorize PTDY prior to departure.  If PTDY was authorized Soldiers are not require to sign-in off leave and sign-out for PTDY.  Soldiers must report once their leave is complete.
  2. Day 1 of in-processing occurs the first day after you sign in.  (ex. Soldier signs in on Monday, their Day 1 will be the following Tuesday)

UPON ARRIVAL: Soldier will sign-in and receive a briefing from 1st Victory Reception Center Staff Duty personnel.  Soldiers can expect to fill out paperwork, and receive a 15-minute briefing about in-processing and Fort Riley.