The Fort McCoy Installation Legal Office provides a variety of legal services to the Fort McCoy Command and military community. Additionally, claim related services are available to the general public when a member of the public or an organization is involved in an incident involving financial loss caused by a member of the Army or Department of the Army Civilian Employee while on official duty.

Eligible legal-assistance clientele may* include:

  • Active-Component Service Members and their dependents.
  • Reserve-Component Members and their dependents if serving for more than 29 days; or, in the case of emergencies.
  • Active Army and Reserve-Component Members and their dependents who are receiving military retirement or retired military disability pay.
  • Surviving family members of Active-Component, Reserve-Component, and Retirees of the Armed Forces of the United States who would be eligible for legal assistance if the Service Member or Retiree were alive.
  • Department of Defense Civilian Employees in limited circumstances; please call for further guidance.
  • Members of other military forces and their dependents while serving in the United States.
  • Fiduciaries (for example, those holding a Power of Attorney) appointed by Active-Component, Reserve-Component or Civilian Employees who are serving in a combat zone.

* Please note that legal assistance services to all but active-duty personnel may be limited due to inadequate staffing and/or if facilities limit the ability to provide particular services.

Types of legal assistance services primarily offered to Active Duty and Reserve Soldiers on extended orders (30+ days) include notaries, powers of attorney, wills, and military administrative matter counseling. Counseling regarding consumer law, landlord/tenant matters, separation/divorce/support/custody issues, the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA), and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) may be available. Criminal matters (military or civilian) and private commercial/business matters are not within the scope of authorized legal assistance.

Legal assistance services available to retirees are limited to notary services, powers of attorney, and wills.

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