Range Mission: Implement the Army Sustainable Range Program and Integrated Training Area Management Program on Joint Base Lewis-McChord ranges and maneuver lands, and prescribe range safety and risk management policies and responsibilities for live fire and maneuver training.

About ITAM: The Integrated Training Areas Management program is the Army’s comprehensive approach to land management. ITAM is based on the integration of military mission, natural resource stewardship and environmental compliance. ITAM programs include: TRI, RTLA, LRAM and SRA.

Range Support Phone Numbers:

Fire Control Desk: 253-967-6371

Range Officer: 253-967-1555

Range Operations Officer: 253-967-4520

Live Fire Safety Section: 253-967-1554/1553, 253-966-1638

Current Operations: 253-966-1637

Range/Land Scheduling: 253-967-5060

Facilities Engineer: 253-967-6575

Target and Maintenance Manager: 253-967-1646

Target Issue (Bldg 4076): 253-967-1589

Natural Resources Section (ITAM): 253-967-1549

RFMSS/Automated Ranges Admin: 253-967-1552

Fax: 253-967-4520



JBLM Uses RFMSS for scheduling facilities that belong to the JBLM Range Complex:  Range Facility Management Support System

This video provides a brief explanation of this important tool for scheduling facliites on the JBLM Range Complex, please click HERE to view.

This video provides an overview of JBLM's 23 training areas, and how to schedule them, please click HERE view.

Area Access Individual/Group Permit Procedures:

Civilian Access to JBLM training areas for recreational purposes will be managed by iSportsman beginning in July 2023. Please see below link for details


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