It is the mission of the Fire Division of the Directorate of Emergency Services to protect and enhance the quality of life for every Airman, Soldier, civilian and family member living, working and visiting Joint Base Lewis-McChord and to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the community through code enforcement, loss prevention and effective fire prevention and public education programs. The Fire Divison employs highly-skilled and professional emergency response teams capable of providing emergency medical, hazardous material, fire rescue, fire suppression and consequence management to mitigate the effects of both natural and man-made disasters.


Emergency 911
Non-Emergency  JBECC 253-912-4442
Fire Chief 253-966-2616
Deputy Fire Chief 253-966-9075
Administrative Assistant 253-966-2615
Fire Prevention 253-966-7156
Station 101-West Way 253-966-9846
Station 102-Gray Army Airfield 253-967-4808
Station 103-Madigan Army Medical Center 253-967-6424
Station 104-Lewis North 253-967-2714
Station 105-McChord Field 253-982-2606
Station 106-McChord Housing 253-982-5562
 Station 107 Fire Prevention 253-966-7156



AR 420-1 and JBLM Regulation 420-30 require all faculties on JBLM have an individual assigned and trained as the Building Manger/Fire Evacuation Coorinator by the Fire Pevention Office. Training conducted at BLD.2014 Lewis Main. Training is conducted on the First and Third Wednesday of the month (Exections Federal Holidays and DONSA's). All that attend the training will require  TWO copies of memorandum of orders for admiittance, to include the Name/Building number/Contact email(army .mil) and phone number, the orders are to be signed by Commander or Director. First 25 will be admitted, Addtional question please contact us at 253.966.7156.

Class dates for the remainder of the calendar year: 2022

Bldg. Managers Training:

June: 1 and 15                                                                         Jul: 6 and 20

Aug: 3 and 17                                                                          Sept: 7 and 21

Oct: 5 and 19                                                                         Nov: 2 and 16

Dec: 7 and 21.

Hot Work Permit Training (PAI)

Hot Work(PAI) training for any hot work in non-permitted areas will be held on the First and Third Thursday of the month (Exect on Federal Holidays and DONSA's) at 9 a.m. Class conducted at BLD. 2014 on Lewis Main. All Hot Work on the installation requires a Hot Work permit IAW OSHA 1910-252 and NFPA 51B. We at JBLM have a self-permitting process.  Militray Units should contact your Fire Inspector for addtional information. Maximum of 25 per session. 

Hot Work Training for remainder of year :2022

Jun: 2 and 16                                                                       Jul: 7 and 21

Aug: 4 and 18                                                                     Sept: 1 and 15

Oct: 6 and 20                                                                      Nov: 3 and 17

Dec: 8 and 22.

For more information, please call Don Lane at 253-966-7156 or email: