To provide quality service to all customers. Provide guidance to incoming and outgoing personnel on all housing needs. Provide quality up-to-date information pertaining to all aspects of military relocation. Including but not limited to mediate disputes, counsel customers, deliver education, and provide guidance on local housing needs.


A leader in leveraging resources to create affordable housing programs and opportunities that contribute positively to the community.


Please Note: All incoming Soldiers must first report to Housing Services office to properly in process Housing per AR 420-1. Housing Services Counselors will make referrals to accommodate Soldiers housing needs and provide orientation to their new duty location.


Unaccompanied Housing

Single Soldiers in grades E-1 through E-5 must reside in single Soldier housing. Service members must report to their units to be assigned barracks space. Soldiers reporting to the installation after duty hours will be provided temporary room by unit until the next duty day.

The Unaccompanied Housing Office is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. It is closed weekends and holidays.

All barracks are furnished and within reasonable distance of a dining facility. Free laundry facilities are in each building. Smoking is not allowed in the buildings. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas outside of each building. No overnight guests are allowed in the permanent party rooms. Pets of any kind are not authorized in the barracks.

Housing Services Office - First and last stop for all Service Members

The overall goal of the Army Housing Services Office is to implement and provide the highest quality of worldwide relocation services. We pride ourselves on being innovative and provide comprehensive information and support when Soldiers or families relocate. The HSO goal is to ensure you are provided safe, desirable and affordable living quarters. The HSO is intended to accelerate onboarding and performance to meet the ever changing needs of our demanding customers. All service members should in process with the Army Housing Services Office before agreeing to rent or purchase a home, per DoDI 4165.63m. After being processed, we can provide preferred referrals to our partner, Knox Hills or off post. Our goal is to assist in ensuring you are satisfied with your housing selection.

Installation Housing Office Plain Language Brief

On-Post Housing

On-Post Housing has been privatized with Lendlease and thus KNOX HILLS LLC was formed. Knox Hills LLC owns, operates and maintains all family housing on-post and can handle all your on-post housing needs. You may also visit their Website at http://www.knoxhills.com/ or call (502) 378-3034. To learn more about DoD Privatized Housing, please visit http://www.acq.osd.mil/eie/FIM/Housing/Housing_index.html.

Off-Post Housing

Before renting, leasing or purchasing a home off-post you must, IAW AR 420-1, visit/contact the Housing Service Office (HSO).

The overall goal of the Housing Services Office is to assist Soldiers and their families who wish to reside off-post by providing comprehensive local housing information/listings and support services. They also provide local community information on school districts and county planning and zoning/housing regulations. Your HSO Office can help you choose: Temporary lodging, a permanent home – rental or purchase, whether to buy a home and how to go about it, and money and time saving ideas for your move. The HSO staff can help you avoid scams, unreliable realtors and unsuitable rentals. They can also assist when you find yourself dealing with any of these situations/issues. It is a primary function to ensure leases have necessary provisions for military renters and that our military are not victims of discriminatory practices.

The HSO is located at 669 Hell on Wheels Avenue or you may contact them at (502) 624-8084/8093. Also please visit http://www.homes.mil/, the DoD owned website that replaced AHRN. HOMES.mil provides local listings of homes for sale, rent or lease. The site indicates which properties have been approved by HSO staff. These properties have been placed on the website by realtors, property managers and individuals.

The HSO provides a vast array of services for Fort Knox Families to include but not limited to the following:

  • Complete up-to-date listings of rental property and sale property to include long-term, short-term and temporary lodging.
  • Home-buying and selling support.
  • Information on lease agreements.
  • Transportation to obtain off-post rentals upon request.
  • Assistance, upon request, for Soldiers with move-in or move-out inspection requirements.
  • Information on landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities.
  • Assistance for Soldiers who are pursuing Fair Housing Law complaints to include discrimination, inappropriate business in the residence and other concerns.
  • Housing counseling on BAH, TLE and PTDY.
  • Housing inspections for adequacy.
  • Maps of surrounding communities.
  • Listing of off-limit areas and establishments, provided from the disciplinary control board.
  • Listing of shopping availability, relocation services and local churches.
  • Information about renting in the community.
  • Recreational and community information pamphlets.

Household Goods Shipment

Individuals requiring information or assistance concerning property damage or loss of household goods and hold baggage and other types of claims should contact the Legal Assistance Office 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays, except Thursday, when training delays opening until 1 p.m. Clients should submit claims in a timely manner, within two years of the date of the loss, to avoid unnecessary delays and possible denial of the claims based on failure to file within the appropriate time frame. No appointment is necessary for claims assistance. You may send claims to usarmy.knox.hqda-otjag.mbx.cpcs@mail.mil or call (502) 626-3000.