Fort Knox is transitioning away from a chlorine-based water purification system to a chloramine-based system.  Why now?  Why chloramines?

Why now?   Fort Knox is working toward long-term utility security.  The installation has its own wells to produce water, its own water treatment plant and can generate its own power.  However, its reached a point where it has become necessary to renovate the water purification plant. Renovating the plant means bringing in water from exterior sources until the project is complete.  All surrounding water sources use chloramines for their water purification (as does all of Louisville and Lexington), so the transition was necessary.  When the purification plant is renovated, which is scheduled for next summer, it will use chloramines as well.

Why Chloramines?  The installation didn't use a chloramine system originally because ammonia (chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia) was essential to the making of explosives and was in very short supply during World War II.  There is no shortage of ammonia now, and as the plant is renovated the change can be made to the better product.  Chloramine is better because it stays active in the water longer, keeping your water safer for use while it is waiting in the pipes for your on-demand usage.

Further information can be found in the two documents below.  This information is provided to ensure the community is informed and understands how and why things are done.