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Contract Development & Administration


Washers and Dryers

For the repair of washers and dryers, the customer must submit an electronic service order to the DPW work order inbox at and provide them the following information: Customer ID, building number, serial number of the machine, the location of the machine, name and two (2) phone numbers where the customer can be reached.

The Contractor shall complete repairs within eight (8) working hours after receipt of service order. The contractor shall list any service orders not completed on the day received , the reason the repairs were not made, the estimated date repairs will be completed and shall submit to the Quality Assurance Evaluator (QAE) by 8:00 AM the following workday. In no case shall machines remain not repaired for more than ten (10) days for lack of repair parts.  Contractor shall coordinate with the unit's point of contact listed on the service order to gain access to locked buildings/laundry rooms. The contractor shall have the occupant sign service order after repairs are complete. The contractor shall attach a service tag or label to each machine serviced. The contractor shall initial and date the service tag or label each time a service is rendered.

When the contractor receives a service order for a machine that appears beyond economical repair (labor and new repair parts exceed approximately 75 percent of replacement cost if the machine is two or less years old or 60 percent of replacement cost if over two years old), the contractor shall notify the QAE before proceeding with the repair. The QAE will determine if the machine is salvageable. If the machine is salvageable the QAE will notify the POC on the service order for instructions on turn in to FMO for replacement.

To check the status of a work order or for a customer complaint, contact the QAE @ (502) 624-5074 or (270) 352-8608.


Portable toilets can be ordered by customers directly, using IMPAC cards. POC for placing orders is the Directorate of Contraction at (502) 624-8054.

Reporting Electrical Outages

If all power to the building is out, call Nolin RECC Dispatch at (270) 765-6153. If partial power to the building is out, call work reception at (502) 888-5835.


Custodial Service in most buildings on post consist of 2 latrine cleanings per week. Additional service can be obtained on a reimbursable basis. Should have any custodial questions, or customer compliant contact the QAE at (502) 624-5436.


Refuse/Trash is collected from post facilities by a contractor. Construction/Demolition debris and yard waste is accepted at the Fort Knox landfill on Baker Road. Questions can be addressed by the contractor at (502) 942-9511 or the government inspection branch at (502) 624-5074. Family housing refuse issues should be directed to Knox Hills.


Mowing of most areas on post is accomplished by Contract. Questions and issues should be addressed to the DPW Construction Branch at (502) 624-7188. Family mowing issues should be directed to Knox Hills.


Service Contract Management

Service Orders for Real Property Maintenance can be called in to the DPW Work Reception Office at (502) 624-1171, at any time. However, only emergency service orders will be accomplished after 10:00 PM. Requests are classified as priority E/1/2/3.  See Service Order (SO) Priority Classifications

To check the status of a Service Order, please visit the Fort Kno Intranet and click on DPW Service Orders from the menu.

BUD Locates (Before You Dig)

Before any ground is penetrated, you must call the required located listed and follow all instructions.