Perhaps more important than firefighting itself in many modern industrial countries is fire prevention. Firefighters in the U.S. are trained in basic fire prevention methods, in which they attempt to prevent or correct unsafe conditions. Fire departments are charged with enforcement of the local fire prevention code and of state fire laws and regulations.

The Fort Knox Fire Prevention Division seeks to reduce fire losses (i.e. lives and property) from the dangers of accidental fire through fire prevention and fire response procedures by education:

  • Distribute fire prevention literature.
  • Teach fire safety issues, such as the hazards of playing with matches, stop/drop/roll, and the proper procedures on vacating a burning building, etc.
  • Provide fire extinguisher training using films and "hands-on" demonstrations.
  • General fire safety information:
    • Provides general fire safety and fire extinguisher training to the general public in hospitals, hotels, dormitories, special occupancies, and to all post residents.
    • We offer general fire safety to child care facilities and elementary and high schools. By showing home escape plans, smoke detector information, coloring books and general fire prevention.

For more information, contact the Fort Knox Fire Division Fire Prevention Office at (502) 624-4208.

Specific Information:

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