The Fort Knox Fire Department talks to a thousand plus students each year, ranging in ages from pre-school to high school, also hosting career days and fire prevention classes.


Learning Information:


Use the following fire safety and prevention information to lead discussions.


  • Keep all matches and lighters out of the hands of children. If possible, keep these sources of fire in locked drawers. Consider buying only "child-proof" lighters-- but remember nothing is completely child-proof.
  • Children as young as two years old can strike matches and start fires.
  • Never leave children unattended near operating stoves or burning candles, even for a short time.
  • Teach children not to pick up matches or lighters they may find. Instead, they should tell an adult immediately.


  • Evidence of fire play, such as burnt matches, clothes, paper, toys, etc., or if you smell smoke in the hair and clothes.
  • Inappropriate interest in firefighters and/or fire trucks.
  • Improper call to the fire department or 911.
  • Child asks or tries to light cigarettes or candles for you or other adults.
  • Matches or lighters in their pockets or rooms.


Talk to your child about his/her actions. Explain again that fire is a tool for use only by adults, and that it is very dangerous for children. Fire departments have programs for children who are inappropriately interested in fire or who have set fires.

Talk to your child about fire safety, in an assured manner, consider visiting the fire station, or having a firefighter come to their classroom.