Our Mission

The reassignments mission is to provide support to all permanent party and trainee/student Soldiers in the areas of Permanent Change of Station, Temporary Change of Station, Stabilization, Deletion/Deferment requests and No-Fee (Official) Passports.

Important information

You can review the Online Levy Brief on this web site for INFORMATIONAL purposes ONLY. If you need to take the Levy to fulfill your Reassignments Levy Brief requirement, you need to contact your S-1 for assistance or email the Reassignment Section.

More information
Below is an overview of topics that receive frequent inquiry pertaining to the Reassignment of Trainees and Students. Please contact the Student Reassignments section if you need further assistance: usarmy.huachuca.imcom-central.mbx.stu-reasign@mail.mil
This Online Levy Brief is for informational purposes only. For questions regarding your Reassignment, Stabilization, Deferment/Deletion, TCS, please contact your S-1 for assistance or email the Reassignment Section at: usarmy.huachuca.imcom-central.mbx.pp-reasign@mail.mil
Passport/Visa support provided by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) by assisting DOD Service Members, Civilians and Family Members in obtaining the official travel documents necessary to facilitate official government travel.