Casualty Assistance Center (CAC)

The mission of the Casualty Assistance Center is to provide compassionate, unwavering commitment to the Families of our fallen Soldiers, retirees and veterans. Casualty Assistance provides assistance to next-of-kin of critically injured, ill or deceased Army soldiers, retirees, and veterans to include Benefits Counseling; Military Funeral Honors; and Casualty Assistance / Notification Officer training (CAO/CNO).

FOR MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS. To report a death or request Military Funeral Honors, please call: DSN: 315-263-7152 or COM:  011-81-46-407-7152. You can also email

Casualty Notification/Assistance Officers (CNO/CAO) Training

Casualty notification/assistance officers must attend a three-day certification course prior to performing those services. The CAC's training instructor offers this course every month.

To register, email the casualty training officer or call DSN 315-263-7152 or COM 011-81-46-407-7152

Benefits and Entitlements

Surviving spouses of retired and active Soldiers may receive casualty assistance through three methods:

  1. Live assistance. The Casualty staff serves as a survivor's advocate who processes Active Duty benefit claims, coordinates services from support organizations, and answers questions related to entitlements.
  2. Guided assistance. The CAC can also arrange for a Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO) to visit the survivor at a location of choice on a case by case basis. The CAO will assist with completion of the forms and serve as a liaison between the survivor and the Casualty staff.
  3. Retiree death reporting and benefits.  To report the death of an Army military retiree contact Defense Finance And Accounting (DFAS) at (800) 321-1080.  To request assistance applying for Army retiree benefits contact the Camp Zama Retirement Services Office at COM 011-81-46-407-5076 or DSN:  315-263-5076

For benefits questions, contact the Casualty Assistance Center via email or phone at DSN 315-263-7152 or COM 011-81-46-407-7152

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