Mission Statement:

We serve the Fort Jackson community by protecting the lives of its Soldiers, Civilians and Family memebers. We protect property and the environment throught the application of fire codes; administer the presentation of public fire safety education programs; and rapid and effective response to and mitigation of fires, rescue incidents, hazardous material leaks and natural disasters.

Fire Chief:

Eric C. Harper

Senior Fire Officers:

Asst. Chief Doug Christensen  803-751-1614  

Asst. Chief Scott Dollman  803-751-1417  

Asst. Chief Pete Hines   803-751-1611 

To assist your division with Training, Fire Extinguishers and Inspections please contact Fire Prevention.

Fire Prevention Staff:

Inspector William Sexton  803-751-5239  

Inspector Kenny Morgan  803-751-9749 

Inspector Jason Wise   803-751-1787 

To schedule Fire Drills, contact the 911 Dispatch Center at 803-751-4142