Recognize – when you may have come across a munition, and that munitions are dangerous.

Retreat – do not approach, touch, move or disturb it, but carefully leave the area.

Report – immediately what you saw and where you saw it to local law enforcement – call 911

Eight points of Munitions safety

1.    Never approach, move, or disturb a munition!

2.    Follow posted warnings and avoid areas where munitions may be encountered!

3.    Military munitions should only be handled by trained and authorized personnel.

4.    Munitions are dangerous and may not be easily recognizable! Munitions may:

·         not look like a bullet or bomb

·         be shiny or rusty

·         be clean or dirty

·         be whole or in parts

·         look harmless, but they are dangerous

5.    Munitions include artillery rounds, grenades, bombs, rockets, and small arms ammunition.

6.    Munitions come in many shapes, sizes, and types. No matter the shape, size, type, or age, assume they are dangerous. Flares, simulators, and blasting caps are also considered munitions and are all dangerous.

7.    Regardless of whether a munition has been moved, it may still be dangerous. In fact, old munitions can be more dangerous than new.

8.    Souvenir munitions present an immediate and real danger to individuals, their family, friends, and community.

3Rs Explosives Safety Program

     The Army views safety as its responsibility to its Soldiers, civilians, families, and the public.

     The Army's 3Rs Explosives Safety Education Program (3Rs Program) and its 3Rs message are the basis for education programs informing our Soldiers, their families, our civilian workers and the public of the hazards associated with munitions that may be present on our installations. This same message is applicable to and used for education relating to munitions that are not within current installation boundaries. The 3Rs Program is a proactive nation-wide effort to advise individuals of the actions to take in the event they encounter, or suspect they have encountered, a munition. The 3Rs education is an effective means of influencing behavior and thus reducing explosives risks, particularly at sites where munitions will remain for the foreseeable future.

     After generations of munitions-related activities required to maintain our nation’s military readiness, military munitions may be present at many active and former military installations.

     The Army has made a concerted effort to rely on the use of resource recovery and recycling to dispose of excess, obsolete, and unserviceable military munitions. 

     All munitions should be considered dangerous. When encountered, military munitions may pose an immediate explosive hazard and should never be disturbed (touched, moved, or handled).  Follow the 3Rs of Explosive Safety if you encounter or suspect you have encountered a munition.  Recognize—when you may have come across a munition and that munitions are dangerous.  Retreat—do not approach, touch, move or disturb a suspect munition, but carefully leave the area.  Report—call 911 when you are on Fort Jackson or off post. If on the training ranges, contact Range Operations at (803) 751-7171. Advise authorities of what you saw and where you saw it.  Authorities will secure the area and notify trained explosive ordnance disposal personnel who will dispose of the item.     

     There have been many documented occurrences of encounters with munitions since WWII at installations and former defense sites across the country.  In many instances the hazard was recognized and injury was avoided.  However, in other cases the individual’s actions (such as touching, handling, or disturbing the munitions) had tragic results to the individual or others. Fort Jackson, unfortunately, has experienced such incidents in the past.

     If you are interested in scheduling 3Rs Explosive Safety Training, call (803) 751-8067,   The 3Rs Program resources can also be accessed through the 3Rs website at https://3Rs.mil.   

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