Legal Assistance and Claims Office

Legal assistance is the provision of personal civil legal services to Soldiers, their dependents, and other eligible personnel. The mission of the Army Legal Assistance Program is to assist those eligible for legal assistance with their personal legal affairs quickly and professionally. The program assists eligible people by meeting their needs for help and information on legal matters and resolving their personal legal problems whenever possible. The legal assistance mission ensures that Soldiers have their personal legal affairs in order before deploying.

The Army claims program investigates, processes, adjudicates, and settles certain claims on behalf of and against the United States worldwide. This program works under the authority conferred by statutes, regulations, international and interagency agreements, and DOD directives. The Army claims program supports commanders by promoting the morale of Army personnel by compensating them for property damage suffered incident to service, facilitating successful operations, and promoting good will with the local population. In short, this program provides compensation for personal injury, wrongful death, or property damage caused by Army or DOD personnel.


  • Fill out the Client Questionnaire (In Client Services Documents on Right)
  • Call or come to the office to make an appointment. When you come for your appointment, please bring your Questionnaire, ID card, and any documentation you may have pertaining to your case.
  • Emergencies will be seen at the discretion of the Chief of Client Services

Powers of Attorney and Notarizations

  • Powers of Attorney and Notary are done on a walk in basis
  • DO NOT sign your documents until you are in front of the Notary.
  • Please have your military ID and your driver’s license.

Legal Services

Personal Civil Disputes and Real Property Issues:

  • Contracts and Leases
  • Auto Warranties and Lemon Law

Economic Matters:

  • Insurance
  • Garnishment Orders
  • Involuntary Allotments

Family Matters:

  • Adoption
  • Dependent Support
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Child Custody

Military Matters:

  • FLIPL rebuttals and request for reconsideration
  • GOMOR rebuttals
  • OER/NCOER rebuttals
  • Surviving spouse issues

Special Victim’s Counsel

Preventive Law

Estate Planning:

  • The Will Worksheet (In Client Services Documents on Right)
  • Wills are done by appointment only on Tuesdays
  • Bring completed Will Worksheet to your appointment

Limitations on Services. We do not provide assistance in the following:

  • Military Justice matters
  • Private business activities
  • Claims against the Government
  • Employment matters

Hours of Operation:

MON, TUE, WED, FRI:0800 -1600 / THURSDAY: 1300 - 1600

Phone: 760-380-5321/2307


Address: 230 C. Avenue, Fort Irwin, CA 92310

Trial Defense Services

The provision of criminal defense services toSoldiers stands as a hallmark of American and military jurisprudence. Itensures that Soldiers enjoy the constitutional and legal protections that theyswear to support and defend for others. Members of the United States Army TrialDefense Service (USATDS), and those who support the USATDS mission, providedefense legal services to Soldiers facing adverse actions taken against them bythe Army. Trial defense counsel represent Soldiers at general and special courts-martial,Article 32 hearings, pre-trial confinement hearings, UCMJ proceedings, andbefore administrative boards. They also will counsel Soldiers that are suspectedof criminal offenses, pending nonjudicial punishment (Article 15), and thosefacing administrative separation.



Address:230 C. Avenue, Fort Irwin, CA 92310


Article 15 Consultations: *Soldiers must have a complete signed packet

  • TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY: 0930 – 1130
  • Soldiers should arrive by 0930
  • Soldiers must watch the following Article 15 video prior to consult: or search on Youtube “Non-Judicial Punishment Under Article 15, UCMJ” channel TDSVideos.

Chapter Consultations: *Soldiers must have a complete signed packet

  • TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY: 1330 - 1600
  • Soldiers should arrive by 1330
  • Soldiers must watch the following separations video prior to consult: or search on Youtube “Enlisted Administrative Separations (Chapters)” channel TDSVideos.


Rights Advisement, Follow-Up Consultation, andOff Post Soldiers:

  • Call for an appointment at 760-380-3282. If no one answers, then please leave a voicemail or send an email to the address listed above. Soldiers seeking a “Rights Advisement” are also welcome to walk-in during Article 15 and Chapter Consultation hours.

***Hours are subject to change based on Courts-Martial,Administrative Boards, and Holidays***



Administrative Law

Administrative and civil law is that body of law containing the statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions that govern the establishment, functioning, and command of military organizations as well as the duties of military organizations and installations with regard to civil authorities.

Administrative law attorneys perform the following tasks:

  • Advise commanders and staff, review administrative actions, and litigate cases involving military personnel law.
  • Advise summary court-martial and investigating officers, review investigations for legal sufficiency, and advise appointing authorities concerning investigative findings and recommendations.
  • Advise Army officials concerning support for and relationships with private organizations.
  • Advise installation commanders concerning the legal authorities applying to military installations.
  • Advise Army personnel concerning government ethics.
  • Supervise the command financial disclosure and ethics training programs

Hours of Operation

MON, TUE, WED, FRI: 0800 -1600

THURSDAY: 1300 - 1600

Phone: 760-380-7697/8908

Address: 241 B. Avenue, Fort Irwin, CA 92310


Provide principled counsel and premier legal services, as committed members and leaders in the legal and Army professions, in support of a ready, globally responsive, and regionally engaged Army.


In an increasingly complex and legally dynamic world, remain the most highly trained and values-based Corps of adaptive, ready, and dedicated legal and Army professionals who excel in our Joint Force and Army missions, at home and abroad, both today and against emerging threats.