NTC Mission

The National Training Center trains rotational training units, joint, interagency and multinational partners to build and sustain readiness to fight and win, while simultaneously caring for our Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members.


Train the Force to win in Large Scale Combat Operations.

  • Develop ready units and adaptive leaders
  • Replicate complex, hybrid threats using a dedicated opposing force and a high fidelity training support system (peer/near-peer threats)
  • Replicate TSC and ESC capabilities to command and control RSOI, regenertion and EAB sustainment
  • Integrate conventional, joint, special operations forces, and Unified Action Partners
  • Provide a "leadership crucible" event
  • Develop unit and leadership skills required to win



Attracting, Caring for and Retaining quality Soldier's, Army Civilians and Families... enables Training the Force to Win.

  • Improve the quality of life for the Fort Irwin Community
  • Develop and sustain Cohesive Teams
  • Transformation to NTC 2028 - Improve the high fidelity training environment in all five domains
  • Execute a robust outreach effort with our Army, our Unified Action partners and the American People