National Training Center & Fort Irwin SHARP Resources

The Army's SHARP Program

  • Is an integrated, proactive effort by the Army to end sexual harassment and sexual assault within its ranks
  • Permeates the Army structure from the Pentagon down to the individual Soldier level
  • Has full-time staff at brigade level
  • Promotes cultural change across the Army with a vision toward a culture of discipline and respect in which Soldiers intervene in sexual harassment and sexual assault to protect one another
  • Includes a comprehensive effort to educate leaders and Soldiers about sexual harassment and sexual assault
  • Employs a concrete training program that teaches Soldiers to be alert to serial offender tactics, to intervene to stop incidents and disrupt offenders, and where and how to seek help
  • Provides commanders with the essential resources, education and training they need to succeed in bringing an end to sexual harassment and sexual assault in the Army

As part of the Army's SHARP Program, commanders have the ultimate responsibility for command climate and culture, safety, prevention and response efforts, accountability, assessment, and safe reporting.

Through the SHARP Program, the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army implement guidance from the Office of the Secretary of Defense and changes in law via policies and procedures applied across the force. The SHARP Program's sexual harassment prevention efforts are complemented by the Army's Equal Employment Opportunity Program, which provides a sexual harassment complaint process for Civilian employees.

Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) and Victim Advocates (VAs) receive training certified by the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP) and are credentialed through the DOD Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP). SARCs and VAs assist Soldiers with sexual assault reports, providing a 24/7 response capability. These professionals also support commanders with prevention, training and awareness efforts.

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