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ARRIVAL AIRPORT INFORMATION: Air transportation to the National Training Center and Fort Irwin must be routed to the Las Vegas McCarren International Airport (LAS) or the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The Ontario International Airport is not an option to fly in unless you have family or friends that will be picking you up from the airport. Ontario International Airport does not provide adequate or feasible public transportation to Fort Irwin. Prior to making your flight arrangements, please ensure you have coordinated your travel with the public transportation options listed below, or call NTC replacement at (760) 380-4747/3006 for more information.


Step 1- Coordinate transportation through your sponsor.

Step 2- If you DO NOT have a sponsor, cannot get a hold of them, or having issues with your transportation, the reception campus is here to help. Just call Fort Irwin 24-hr Reception (760) 380-4747 prior to your departure and provide your arrival time. If you need the bus, there are two options:

a. Log onto www.greyhound.com to book a ticket for the bus from Las Vegas, NV to Barstow, CA. Please purchase the bus fare online as tickets do sell out. The bus fare ranges between $26.00 - $42.00 depending on the day of the week and the type of ticket selected. Greyhound schedules vary, so logging onto the website is the best and most accurate information available.

b. Flix Bus is a new option from the Flix Bus station in Las Vegas, NV or Montclair, Ca. to Barstow. Log on to the website at http://www.flixbus.com and search for a bus to Barstow, CA. Prices start at about $26.00.

Last option- Other transportation option from LAX and LAS is: Bolt bus,  but they will only take you from the two airports to Barstow/Lenwood, from there call the NTC replacement for transportation to the installation (760) 380-4747/3006. Below is the link for the Bolt Bus schedule in order to assist you in planning your PCS move to Fort Irwin from LAX or LAS airports https://www.boltbus.com/.  All transportation expenses exceeding $74.99 will require a receipt.

You will need to get an Uber, Lyft or Taxi from the USO to the Greyhound bus stop in Las Vegas, NV.  The address to the bus station is 6675 Gilespie St, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

SOLDIER SIGN IN PROCEDURES: All soldiers arriving at the National Training Center (NTC) must report to the NTC Replacement Detachment, building 109, Langford Lake Road, Fort Irwin, CA 92310 to sign in and receive instructions to begin in-processing on the next duty day. While in-processing, lodging is provided only for unaccompanied SGT’s and below at the Replacement Detachment. Other options include the hotel on post, Landmark Inn (760) 386-4040 or hotels in Barstow. NTC Replacement operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

WEAPONS REGISTRATIONAll personnel (military and civilian) residing on Fort Irwin are required to register their Privately Owned Weapons (POWs) within 24hrs after the weapon is introduced on Fort Irwin.  Personnel requiring weapons registration will complete NTC Form 655, Registration of Privately-Owned Weapons, and forward it to the Police Desk in building 326 or at usarmy.irwin.imcom.mbx.weapons-registration@army.mil for completion of a NCIC records check.  Upon completion of the records check, NTC Form 655 will be furnished to the unit commander/director who will determine eligibility for POW possession/ownership and storage location.  Commanders/directors will document their determination and forward NTC Form 655 to the Police Station (Bldg. 326) or at usarmy.irwin.imcom.mbx.weapons-registration@army.mil for registration of the weapon(s) in the Army’s Centralized Operations Police Suite.  Upon completion of registration a copy of the completed form will be furnished to: The unit for retention, to the registrant to accompany the weapon, and the DES Administrative Section for record. Click here for related documents.

Housing: All soldiers must report to the Army Housing Office (AHO), building 111, Langford Lake Rd, Fort Irwin, CA before making housing arrangements for renting, leasing or purchasing any off-post housing. Fort Irwin has the capability to house 100% of the families stationed here. Family housing waiting list can vary depending on the time of year. SSG and above single or unaccompanied, can live in the Town Center Terrace (TCT), unaccompanied housing (UPH), BAH at the without dependent rate is the cost for living in the TCT. Please contact the AHO at (760) 380-3577/4310/5824 for updated information on availability.

Schools: Contact the School Liaison Office at (760) 380-6880 prior to or upon arrival, this contact will assist students in the transition into their new school district. Soldiers that bring children who have an individual education plan (IEP), individual family service plan (IFSP), 504 plan or a behavior support plan should contact the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) office at Army Community Service (760) 380-3698 before arriving to Fort Irwin.

Pet information: Soldiers and Family Members PCSing to Fort Irwin with pets are required to read the pet policy located on the Fort Irwin website under Garrison Commanders Policies. Call the post kennel "Paws and Claws" (760) 380-7387 for boarding information. The Landmark Inn on post does allow pets, for information on pricing and requirements please call (760) 386-4040.