EEO transparent.pngMission

Promote equal employment opportunity, diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace through communication, collaboration, compliance, prevention and innovation for a diversified 21st Century workforce.

EEO is for everyone, everywhere and is the official checks-and-balances scale of equality.

Provide EEO services beyond the box of the traditional landscape and reflect the Army's values, mission, workforce and evolution in the 21st century.

What is EEO?

The federal employment Equal Opportunity Opportunity (EEO) program is a collective umbrella of compliance and preventative, independent and collaborative programs that are the catalyst for ensuring a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and hostile work environment. The program fosters equal employment opportuntities in every aspect of employment.

Complaints Program
Informal, formal, investigation and adjudication

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

Disability Program
Reasonable accommodation and accessibility

Special Emphasis Program
Affirm the value of workforce diversity groups

Affirmative Employment Program
Identify and resolve barriers in diversity, equity and inclusion, manage systems and prepare reports

Advisory Services
Training, focus groups and more