***Carrying concealed weapons on Fort Buchnan is NOT AUTHORIZED.***

Weapons Registration


With the purpose of registration, transportation, possession, use, and storage of privately-owned ammunition, firearms, destructive devices, and prohibited weapons, need to follow established procedures under the United States Code, Title 21, Sections 102 & 802 and the Law of PR, # 404, Weapons.

The use, transport or carrying of Privately Owned Weapons (POW) or Privately Owned Fire (POF), explosives, or ammunition on the Fort Buchanan military installation is prohibited unless authorized by the Garrison Commander or his designated representative. Personnel are authorized to enter and leave the installation while carrying POFs/POWs between unit’s arms room and their quarters to off-post range or other facilities, provided such firearms have been registered with the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) and posses Puerto Rico Police Department (PRPD) fire arms license, either to carry or storage, IAW AR 190-11, and Law of PR, # 404. Personnel who maintain registered weapons in government family quarters will ensure that their firearms are not loaded and are secured under lock and key at all times.

Personnel who will be maintaining (storing) (POFs) or any type of (POWs) on the installation must register at the Physical Security Office, Building 399 Patriot Blvd., no later than the end of the third duty day after arrival on the installation. If already living in quarters immediately after obtaining the POFs. DO NOT take firearms into the registration location.

Any person (military or civilian) who possess and registers a firearm and later sells, buys, gives, loans, trades, leases, transfers, lost, has stolen or disposes of it will report to the Garrison Commander, DES or PRPD and request cancellation of the registration within one (1) duty day of action.

Persons leaving Fort Buchanan due to a permanent change of station (PCS), transfer, administrative termination, court-martial, civilian or military service retirement (ETS) who have registered any firearms will clear through DES and request cancellation of firearms registration as part of out-processing.

The Garrison Commander, DES Director, Chief of Police and unit commanders may refuse or terminate registration and withdraw authorization to maintain a firearm on-post, when reasonable cause exists to believe that such refusal or termination will serve in the best interest of the Army or affect the preservation of good order, safety, health, or discipline of the installation. Violators may result in disciplinary actions including bar from post.

When registration is disapproved or the registration of previously registered POFs is revoked, the Garrison Commander will be notified. Once notified, the commander will initiate appropriate action to dispose of the POFs IAW any other applicable directives.

Service members, Department of the Army Civilian Police (DACP), Security Guards (DASG) will not carry weapons into retail or public establishments (Commissary, AAFES, Post Office, fast food facilities, etc.), DFMWR facilities, hospital or medical clinic, financial institutions, schools, day care centers, or religious facilities. This provision does not apply when conducting law enforcement or security duties.

An individual who is a qualified federal law enforcement officer and who is carrying a photographic identification issued by the government agency for which the individual is employed as a law enforcement officer may carry a concealed firearm or other types of Government Own Weapons (GOWs). Local law enforcement personnel (PRPD) must turn in weapons to DES at Building 212 (Police Station). Ft Buchanan DACP, DASG, investigators, and officers that perform law enforcement duties for the Fort Buchanan Garrison Command are authorized to carry and transport POW’s on Fort Buchanan if such persons are not performing official duties and have a valid PRPD firearms license to carry and registered at the DES. Police Station phone number is (787) 707-3337 or DSN 740-3337.
DES will confiscate and process prohibited items when carried, transported, used, stored, or found in the possession of any person while on Fort Buchanan. Registration of the weapon does not replace or relieve individuals of their responsibility to comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding possession, purchase, sale, transfer, and transport of weapons.

Weapons Transportation

Privately owned weapons in vehicles will be placed unloaded in a holster case or scabbard and placed in the vehicle trunk or luggage or glove compartment or placed in plain view if the vehicle is not equipped with these storage areas. Ammunition will be transported separately from the weapon(s) in a location where both the privately owned weapon(s) and ammunition are not within reach of the driver and/or passengers. Motorcyclists may transport unloaded weapons in a holster. For additional information, call the Physical Security Office (787) 707-3496 or (787) 707-3459.

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