EEO Mission

The mission of the Equal Employment Opportunity Office is to manage the Commander's EEO program with the objective of eliminating unlawful employment discrimination. EEO provides quality program and management support services and promotes a diverse workforce founded upon equality of opportunity.
It is the EEO's vision to have a workplace where every employee trusts they will be treated fairly and will be empowered to achieve their best. The US Army Garrison Fort Buchanan Commander has a firm anti-discrimination and harassment policies of “Zero” tolerance.
Managers and supervisors must implement EEO into all personnel management functions, such as recruiting, selecting, hiring, training, developing, promoting, reassigning, evaluating, awarding, counseling, disciplining or separating employees. Decisions founded on prohibited personnel practices, preferential treatment, bias, prejudice or retaliation are not condoned.


Program Functions

Develop Fort Buchanan's Sexual Harassment Prevention Program. Advises commanders and directorates on all matters pertaining to sexual harassment complaints and training. Administer the federal sector discrimination complaints processing program to encourage and facilitate successful resolution of concerns at the earliest opportunity by counseling employees with respect fairness and dignity. Develop and monitor the Special Emphasis Programs. Provides leadership and direction to the Federal Women's, Hispanic, Black Employment Programs and Americans with Disabilities.
The EEO Office ensures equal employment opportunity for civilians under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.   Also employees that require assistance with Reasonable Accommodation (RA) requests are encouraged to first discuss their requirements with their leadership and contact (719) 526-9673.

Maintaining a Discrimination-Free Workplace

Requires supervisors and managers to perform a variety of tasks and functions. Included among them are:

  • Clearly communicating a belief in and adherence to the principles of equal opportunity for all employees.
  • Taking prompt action to prevent or halt discrimination or harassment based on race, sex, age, national origin, disability or sexual preference.
  • Making an overt effort to recruit a diverse workforce; that is, one which includes employees drawn from both sexes, as well as different racial, ethnic and age groups.
  • Remaining aware of EEO responsibilities in the course of assigning and rating work, developing employees, and taking personnel action.
  • Working closely with EEO and HR officials to resolve disputes promptly.

Managing Diversity

Managing diversity refers to an inter-related set of responsibilities and functions. Included among them are:

  • Actively seeking to develop a diverse workforce; that is, one which includes a range of employees representing a variety of ethnic, racial, and age groups.
  • Recognizing and valuing the differences that a diverse array of people bring to the accomplishment of organizational tasks.
  • Promoting acceptance, cooperation, and positive attitudes towards all members of the work-group among employees.

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