Equal Opportunity Leaders Course

The EO Leaders Course is a week course (7 working days of DoD Equal Opportunity training). The curriculum develops a base of knowledge and skills that allow graduates to assess human relations climates in the organizations they serve, and to provide advice and assistance to commanders to prevent, reduce, or eliminate discriminatory practices. The course uses a building-block concept. Studies progress from communications to individual and group behavior, through studies of major ethnic groups, aspects of power and discrimination, EO advisor skills, and conclude with Service specific studies. Graduates are qualified to serve as full-time EO advisors. This training is conducted quarterly. Target Audience: Military thru the rank of E5 & above and DoD civilian personnel who exhibits maturity and professionalism who serve as EO leaders to Company Commanders on Equal Opportunity matters.

Facilitators Course

The MDW Facilitator course is a 40-hour course designed to teach individuals how to prepare and facilitate small group instruction. The course presents definitions, terminology, and instructional methods used in small group instruction; the course provides insight into how adults learn and develop as individuals and members of a group. The course includes topics such as Group Development, Experiential Learning Cycle and Interventions. Students will employ Small Group Instructor methods using the Brainstorm, Topic Discussion, Conference, Role Playing, Committee Problem Solving, Abbreviated Printed Case Discussion and Incident Process Case Discussion methods.

The course is located at the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Community Center (Building 405), 228 McNair Road, Fort Myer, VA 22211 and students are expected to report no later than 0750 on the first day of each training cycle.

The uniform for military and civilian personnel is casual civilian attire. Please ensure dress is professional in nature (i.e. no attire that exposes midriff, sweat suits, flip-flops, hats or sunglasses in the classroom). This training is conducted quarterly.

Target Audience: Military and DoD civilian personnel who has to facilitate training.

QNSR - Date due to MDW EO Office

20th of October, January, April, & July Annually