The Law Enforcement Division is a professionally trained, positive, community customer focused Army law enforcement organization that is responsive to the needs of not only the commander but the civilian community. The Law Enforcement Division provides the community with 24 hour police support to maintain good order and discipline, safety and security for all those who live and or work on Fort Leonard Wood.

The mission of the Game Warden is to protect the fish, wildlife and other natural resources on Fort Leonard Wood and to inform and educate the public of environmental awareness issues. This section conducts a wide range of complex law enforcement activities, which routinely include surveillance, interviewing witnesses questioning suspects and searching for physical evidence and clues. Officers of this section may also be involved in conducting seizures of contraband, equipment, and vehicles, securing and serving search warrants, making arrests and testifying in court.
The mission of the TCIS is to promote safety for all citizens through, education, engineering, and high-visibility, proactive, traffic enforcement. The primary goal is the prevention of personal injury and property damage due to unsafe road conditions and traffic collisions.

Cell Phone Use While Driving

CELL PHONE (FLW Regulation 190-5)

(12) Vehicle operators on Fort Leonard Wood and operators of government owned vehicles shall not use cell phones unless the vehicle is safely parked or the operator is using a hands free device. The wearing of any other portable headphones, earphones, or other listening devices (except for hands free cellular phones) while operating a motor vehicle are prohibited.

- Violators of the above are subject to a fine of no more than $50.00 or not more than 30 days imprisonment or both for each violation.


AWOL/Deserter Reporting


The Military Police Investigations Section serves as the focal point for unit commanders in processing AWOL Deserters. Its mission is to maintain, verify, disseminate information, pickup and process captured AWOL/Deserters from civilian law enforcement agencies for the regular Army to return them to the military control of their units. All reporting is completed IAW AR 190-9, Army Directive 2020-16 and MSCoE policies.

Military Police Desk
PHONE: (573) 596-6141

MPI: (573) 596-0593

Military Working Dogs


The mission of the Fort Leonard Wood Military Working Dog (MWD) program is to provide trained Military Working Dogs and handlers to support police patrol, explosive and narcotic detection efforts to Fort Leonard Wood, Department of Defense, other government agencies and allies worldwide.

To request K-9 support contact 180th MWD Detachment.

Commander: (443) 472.3132
Detachment Sergeant: (573) 596.6636/6968.

Police Reports

Military Police Reports can be requested in person at the Military Police Station (Building #1000)

Businesses and Law Offices will be charged $3.50 per request.

Phone: (573)596-0970

Fax: (573) 596-0735 or (573) 596-4993

Military Police Investigations

The Military Police Investigations (MPI) Section is responsible for investigating reports of larceny, damages, assaults and anything not resolved during normal patrol duties and falling outside the USACID investigative purview.. MPI is responsible for maintaining the evidence room containing all evidence collected by military police for investigations, and also maintains a found-property depository for all property turned into the Military Police Station.

Contact Numbers

MPI Office: (573) 596.0579

Evidence Custodian: (573) 596.1865

Supervisory Detective/ Investigations OIC: (573) 596.0593