***Carrying concealed weapons on Fort Leonard Wood is NOT AUTHORIZED.***


Weapons Registration

Anyone wishing to bring or store a Privately Owned Firearm on Fort Leonard Wood for authorized legal activities must properly register the firearm. Military members and their family members residing on the installation must register all firearms upon arrival.  All military members regardless of rank must have the firearms registration form signed by their current unit Commander.

The following may cause delays and /or disapproval when registering a firearm: 

  1. Any Lautenberg Act conviction (The act bans shipment, transport, ownership and use of guns or ammunition by individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, The definition of convicted can be found in chapter 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(33)(B)(ii)).

  2. Any drug conviction to include drug related UCMJ conviction under Article 15.

  3. Any felony conviction.

Please fill out all requested information on the registration form accurately and completely.

Please provide a legible photo copy of your state driver's license when mailing, emailing or faxing registration forms.

Please ensure a working e-mail is included on the registration form if one is provided. 

Failure to provide information requested will delay the registration process until corrected.

The firearm registration process can take up to 30 days to complete.  Please take this into consideration when submitting registration requests.

All personnel applying for firearm(s) registration are subject to an NCIC background check prior to registration approval.

For active duty, active duty family members click here for the Firearms Registration form FLW Form 1835 (pdf file).
(RETIRED MILITARY MEMBERS, DOD AFFILIATED AND NON-DOD AFFILIATED CIVILIANS USE ONLY) click here for the Firearms Registration form FLW Form 1835A (pdf file).
Firearms Registration form FLW Form 1835B (continuation form)(pdf file).
Click here for example form FLW 1835A (pdf file).

To email form and attachments for processing send as a (pdf file) to: usarmy.leonardwood.id-training.mbx.usag-flw-des-visctr@army.mil

To fax form and attachments for processing send to (573) 596-5393, please provide a cover sheet addressed: ATTN Firearm Registrations.

To mail form and attachments for processing mail to: DES Visitor Center, 100 Missouri Ave, building 100, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473