Job Opportunities

Employment Readiness Program

This program serves as a ready resource for relocating spouses and family members to USAG Wiesbaden. provides a listing of available jobs in Wiesbaden. In the location search bar, the specific location, such as "Wiesbaden, Germany" to find jobs in the area. To learn how to use the site to your advantage, contact Army Community Services (ACS) and ask about their Employment Readiness Program.

Host Nation Jobs

The host nation employment program has been tailored to enhance employment of host nation citizens and support the mission requirements of the U.S. Army in Germany. 


The DeCA Commissary is located on Hainerberg.

AAFES Exchange

This site is intended to provide an opportunity for new applicants to express interest in positions available at the Exchange.

Contract Jobs

Search the bid board for available positions.

Schools | DoDEA-Europe

DoDEA-Europe is the organization governing American schools in USAG Wiesbaden. When searching jobs, look for positions in any of our four schools: Hainerberg Elementary School, Aukamm Elementary School Wiesbaden Middle School or Wiesbaden High School.

Military Spouse Preference

The Army is improving career and employment opportunities for military spouses through new programs and existing partnerships. The Army is implementing a holistic approach to helping military spouses find jobs, build careers and improve their quality of life.

Off-post Jobs

You may be eligible for a position in the German economy.

Home Based Business

Home Based Business, or HBBs, are operated by family members of the U.S. Army soldiers or civilians who provide a service to other U.S. forces members and affiliates.

Family members stationed in Europe may want to work out of their home and try their hand at starting a business in or out of their government quarters.

Examples of services are tutoring, singing and dancing lessons, accounting and tax services, word processing, childcare and similar skills. In addition, multi-level sales activities (i.e. Avon, Tupperware and Pampered Chef) are typical HBB activities