The Retirement Services Office handles all aspects of the retirement process, from helping Soldiers put their retirement packets together, counseling Soldiers regarding potential retirement benefits, to counseling spouses on the Survivor Benefits Plan.

Pre-Retirement Briefs are held on a first come, first served basis.  We conduct briefings twice a month on the first and third Wednesday at Bldg 210 Room 122A from 1300-1600 (except in December which we only have one briefing held on the second Wednesday of the month).  We have a variety of briefers to explain benefits on retirement.  Spouses are encouraged to attend with their Soldier.

Retirement packets should be submitted 9-12 months prior to retirement date.  Soldiers should submit their retirement packet through their chain of command 15 months prior to retirement date to allow time for processing and signatures.  A Letter of lateness will be required for submission signed by Battalion Commander stating the reason for lateness and procedures in place to alleviate in the future.

Retirement packets will be processed through our office and submitted to Human Resources Command for approval/disapproval.  SSG and below will be processed locally but same rules apply.  

Once we receive approval of the retirement packet, we will produce the orders and appointments for the Soldier.  Regular retirements will have 3 appointments, one for Survivor Benefits, one for Finance and DD214 review and final out.  We also see Medical Retirements one time to process their Survivor benefits.  

Survivor Benefit Plan is briefed during the Pre Retirement Briefing and all Retirees must complete their DD2656 prior to retirement.  If the Soldier and their family decide not to participate, please remember the spouse will need to come with the Soldier to our office with two forms of identification so we can notarized the forms.  If spouse is not in the area, we will assist Soldier with this process also.

All Regular Retiring Soldiers are required to attend a Retirement Ceremony unless excused by an O-6 or higher.  Medical Retirees can attend the ceremony but most have time restraints, it is not possible if Soldiers are not staying in area.  Retirement Ceremonies are conducted monthly.  

Once yearly, we hold a Retiree Appreciation Day in October.  All services are invited to attend where we have different information on retiree benefits and fellowship.

Please visit our Facebook page FORT RILEY RETIREMENTS for updated info.