To provide our customers with state-of-the art training aids, devices, simulations and simulators which will enhance unit training by adding realism and/or providing instruction that is not otherwise available. TSC will support all units and activities of the active Army and reserve components, other authorized units/activities (including other U.S. government and civilian activities, other U.S. military services and foreign military support located throughout the Western Region and within the geographical support boundaries).

Mt. Rainier

Due to COVID-19 restraints, all customers are required to make appointments for issue and turn- in.

Unit Account and Equipment Issue:

To establish a TADSS account, the unit/organization needs to provide an Assumption of Command or Appointment Orders and a DA Form 1687. Each account is authorized up to eight individuals. The DA Form 1687 must be current and personnel drawing the equipment must be on the DA Form 1687. Units must ensure the account is in good standing (no missing, damaged or overdue equipment) prior to picking up equipment.

Units do not need to submit requests for most training devices. They can be picked up the day prior to training and returned cleaned the day after training has concluded.

Request for MILES equipment will be submitted (30) days prior to proposed pick- up date for company-level training, 60 days for battalion, and 90 for brigade level.

The WRTSC maintains a large selection of Graphic Training Aids in stock for issue. Many GTA’S have been digitized. Digitized GTA’S will no longer be reproduced and/or distributed. Customers may download GTA’S and reproduce them as required from the United States Army Training Support Center Website.

Procedures for requests, issue, and turn-in of training equipment can be found on the WRTSC SOP.


DA Form 1687 (sample) TRADOC Pam 350-9
MILES Request Form (Fillable) BARRIER DIAGRAM 2
WRTSC SOP List of Available Terrain Boards
MapBoards FabricationWorkOrder


Barriers and Walls