The Facilities Operations and Maintenance Division (FOM) mission is the maintenance and repair of Fort Knox's facilities and infrastructure; Water production and Waste Water treatment.

This mission is accomplished with both civilian and contract workforce. The facilities operation and maintenance portion of the DBOS A-76 contract is administered within the FOM. This includes the Contracting Officers Representative (COR) and the Quality Assurance Evaluation (QAE) Team. The Plants Branch is the civilian workforce. The Plants Branch Mission includes maintenance and repair of gas, water, sewer and storm waters mainlines; Water production and Waste Water treatment.

Work is identified to the FOM through the DBOS Work Reception Office, located in the Basement of Building 1110. Their telephone number is (502) 624-1171. The typical procedure is for the customer to phone a Service Order (SO) in to the DBOS Work Reception Office. The SO is then sent to the appropriate shop for action. SO receive a priority for the time standards for work to be accomplished. Our goal is to meet or exceed these standard. However, due to workload or other circumstances the standards are not always met. Click here to view our priorities and the associated time standards.