There are two Financial Institutions on post:

Navy Federal Credit Union - Monday - Friday 9:30AM - 5:00PM

Helpful Websites: Navy Federal Credit Union ( Zama Branch)
Helpful Numbers: DSN: 263 - 4934, Cell: 046-407-4934, Comm.: I-888-842-4934

  • Accepts Deposits
  • Instant Debit Card Issuance
  • Domestic and International Wire/Money Transfer
  • Non-Public
  • Military Facility
  • Check Cashing

Community Bank - Monday- Wed. & Friday: 0900-1500,  Thursdays 0900-1700

Helpful Websites: Community Bank Website (Zama Branch)

Helpful Numbers: DSN: 263-4767/3902, Cell: 046-407-4767/3902

ATM Locations

  • ATM in: Camp Zama Exchange
    2 Locations: Outside Community Bank and near entrance of Camp Zama Exchange
  • ATM in: Sagami Depot
    Location: Bldg #130-S3
  • ATM in: Camp Fuji Main Gate
    Location: Bldg #81A
  • ATM in: Camp Fuji
    Location: Bldg #100
  • ATM in: Sagamihara Housing
    Location: Next to SHA Commissary


 Using ATMs Off-Post in Japan

Being a partly cash-based society, you may find yourself out and about needing cash to pay for food and shopping purchases. Most convenience stores have ATMS but not all of them accept international cards. However, most 7-11s and Lawson stores (popular convenience stores across Japan) do! ATMs from these stores can also be found at some of the major shopping centers.