This Online Levy Brief is for informational purposes only.
For questions regarding your reassignment, stabilization, deferment/deletion, TCS, please contact your S-1 for assistance or contact the reassignment section. 

How do I get my orders?

Once the reassignment office receives your assignment, they will email your assignment notification to you with instructions on how to complete your requirements. Once you complete the online levy requirements, you will notify the reassignments office. Once they verify your documents your orders will be processed and emailed to you and your S-1 within five business days.


Stateside (CONUS) – Orders will only read ‘Family Members: Yes or No’

Overseas (OCONUS) – Family member’s names and DOBs are listed individually ONLY if approved for an accompanied tour.

How do I get my clearing papers?

Your S-1 will provide you the pre-clearance questionnaire. After you complete the pre-clearance questionnaire and return it to your S-1, they will arrange for your clearing papers. You will receive an email from personnel services with the date and time that you can pick up your clearing papers and receive your out-processing brief. 

*You must be in appropriate duty uniform while clearing.
** Missing or inaccurate information will result in processing delays.
***All sections of your clearing papers must be complete.