The DPW Environmental Division provides various services to include solid and hazardous waste management, pest management, grounds maintenance, environmental review of projects and training, and environmental compliance support / oversight for the garrison.

Drinking water:

Excepting South Post, USAG Devens RFTA is a customer of the Massachusetts Development Agency for water and sewer services. Public Notices and Annual Consumer Confidence Reports are available on their website under “Utilities:”  http://www.devenscommunity.com/community/community-services

 DPW operates and maintains the water systems on South Post via a contract operator. Submit questions or concerns via email to: usarmy.devens.id-readiness.list.environmental@mail.mil

Environmental Quality Control Committee (EQCC):

The EQCC meets quarterly in B679 to assist the Garrison Commander with environmental compliance, establish goals for environmental programs, review progress towards meeting established goals, and to continue striving to improve garrison environmental programs. All tenant organizations and garrison personnel are invited to attend. Meetings are generally scheduled for the last month of each quarter (December, March, June, and September). Exact dates and times are published in the USAG Devens RFTA Training Calendar.



Environmental review of projects and training:

All proposed federal actions require an environmental analysis per the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Proposed actions include:


Facilities Management Projects:

Training Activities:

DPW uses a Record of Environmental Consideration (REC) to document that an activity was reviewed for NEPA applicability and processed accordingly. If you are uncertain about the need for a REC for a given activity, call 978-615-6086. Fill out Section A and submit the REC form to: usarmy.devens.id-readiness.list.environmental@mail.mil at least 30 days prior to commencement of the proposed activity.

Hazardous materials:

To request a hazardous waste pick-up, call 978-615-6106. 

All hazardous waste accumulation areas must be inspected at least weekly. The inspections are the responsibility of the organization generating and storing the hazardous waste, but a copy of each report must be provided to the Environmental Division (hand deliver to B666, Room 313 or email to: usarmy.devens.id-readiness.list.environmental@mail.mil).

A copy of the SDS for all hazardous materials on the installation must be provided the Environmental Division for inclusion in our SDS registry. Coming soon! Link to online SDS registry.


In conjunction with DES and DPTMS, the DPW Environmental Division hosts two hunting seasons on South Post: turkey hunting in the spring and small game, turkey and deer hunting in the fall. Both seasons are open to the public with certain days reserved for special events. For more information, visit: Hunting on USAG Devens RFTA

Solid waste and recycling:

Brown dumpsters are for municipal solid waste (MSW).* Blue dumpsters are for cardboard only. Recycling Totes are for single stream recycling - no sorting of recyclables is required! Metals, wood, and construction and demolition (C&D) debris require special handling. To request assistance with solid waste or recycling email: usarmy.devens.id-readiness.list.environmental@mail.mil.

Fort Devens_Recycling_Infographic_12.10.19_Page_1.jpg

Fort Devens_Recycling_Infographic_12.10.19_Page_2.jpg

* The following items are PROHIBITED in MSW dumpsters:

  • Brass
  • Unspent det cord (okay if spent)
  • Unused MRE heaters (okay once activated)
  • Oils, fuels, and all other petroleum products
  • Flammable, toxic, hazardous or corrosive materials (EX. almost all chemical products)
  • Tires 
  • Medical / infectious Waste (e.g., used needles)
  • Ink & resins
  • Batteries, electronics (eWaste), & appliances
  • Refrigerants & gas-containing cylinders (EX. propane tanks)
  • Contaminated soils & absorbents
  • Vegetation (EX. Stumps, brush, leaves)

Solid waste and recycling services are provided for office / official government waste only. Do not dispose of personal / household items anywhere on the installation.