The mission of the Directorate of Plans and Training is to provide for the training support of all customers utilizing USAG Devens RFTA as the training site of choice.  The directorate is able to provide these services through the Range Division, and the Operations Division.

Weather Alerts/Road Closure/Noise Reports:

Provides real time updates of weather alerts, delayed reporting, road closure and Noise Reports for the Garrison. 

The Operations Division:

Schedules billets, classrooms, and administrative space/supply bays. 
The Operations Division maintains a continuous training schedule and manday listing which comes out weekly and bi-weekly, or as needed. The division conducts an IDT and AT planning conference at the USAG Devens RFTA and interfaces with senior headquarters for the scheduling of units for AT and IDT.  This is a seven day per week operation.

The Range Division:

Provides ranges and training areas to using units for use on South Post.  Issue and turn-in of ranges and training areas is provided by a Range Officer and three Range Technicians.  This is a seven day per week operation.


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FAQs (Frequently asked questions):

Q.        How can I get housing at Devens?

A.        USAG Devens RFTA does not have housing available.  The Operations Division maintains training billets for use by military units training at Devens.  The unit administrator must complete RFMSS for billets.

Q.        When should my unit submit a request for facilities and billets for training at Devens?

A.        Requests for facilities and billets must be submitted to the Operations Division a minimum of 45 days out and a maximum of 1 year for IDT & a minimum of 45 days out and a maximum of 2 years for AT.

Q.  After I have made arrangements for facilities and billets, will my arrangements be cancelled if another unit needs the facilities?

A.        All uniformed services units are treated the same.  Status of the training will determine the priority of fill.  Students in an Annual Training status have priority followed by units in AT status, and lastly by units in IDT status.  90 days prior to the training, the schedule is locked and no unit will be bumped by another unit in a different status.  The exception to this rule is for a unit that has been mobilized on Mob orders.  When this occurs the unit may bump scheduled customers.

Q.        How can I submit a request for facilities or billets?

A.        Unit administrators must submit a RFMSS request.

Q.        Does Devens have computers to use for official business?

A.        The Operations Division provides computers and network access for students that require computers training at Devens and can be requested from the Training Coordinators.  Units that require computer support to perform routine administrative activities are welcome to bring government computers to train at Devens.  The computer must be certified by the unit’s supporting IMO to be up to date with all required patches and antivirus programs.

Q.        My unit will be arriving after 1600 to occupy billets at Devens.  What arrangements need to be made so we get the keys.

A.        The Operations Division, issues keys between the hours of 0800-1500 seven days per week.  If your unit is arriving after normal duty hours you must contact the Billeting Coordinator at (978) 615-6773 to make the necessary arrangements.  Many units will send an advance party to draw the keys and any other training facilities and equipment during normal duty hours.