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Although all fieldwork related to the environmental cleanup of the Arsenal has been completed, the U.S. Army will permanently own and manage approximately 1,000 acres at the site. The U.S. Army-retained areas contain the landfills, waste consolidation areas and groundwater treatment facilities.

The U.S. Army and its contractor will maintain those areas to ensure the environmental cleanup performs as designed and remains protective of human health and the environment.  Regular monitoring will be conducted in collaboration with federal, state and local regulatory agencies.

Operation and maintenance activities include:

  • Groundwater Monitoring and Treatment — Groundwater treatment will continue until water leaving the site meets state and federal standards. The U.S. Army will continue to monitor surface water and groundwater on site —and assess groundwater samples taken from off-site wells — to evaluate the continued progress of the treatment program.
  • Landfill and Cover Area Maintenance — The U.S. Army and its contractor will conduct regular inspections of the waste consolidation areas and two on-site landfills to ensure the surface vegetation, water drainage and leachate collection systems are performing as designed. Additional inspections will be completed after severe weather events, and repairs will be made as needed.
  • Land-Use Controls — U.S. Army-retained areas are fenced, marked and closed to public access.
  • Five-Year Reviews — As required under federal law, the U.S. Army conducts a comprehensive assessment of the environmental cleanup every five years in collaboration with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. Community members are invited to share their comments, questions and concerns as part of the Five-Year Review process.