Fact Sheets


Topics of Interest

These fact sheets provide information about recent RMA projects or address questions about specific topics:

Final EPCRA Fact Sheet
Perflourinated Compounds (PFCs): Frequently Asked Questions
Basin C Supplemental Soil Excavation Project
Basin A Consolidation and Remediation Project
Deep Injection Well
DIMP and Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Explanations of Significant Difference and Minor Changes

As the cleanup progressed throughout the 1990s and 2000s, the regulatory agencies approved some modifications to the original environmental cleanup plans to ensure the safe, timely and cost-effective completion of the remedy. Through a process called an Explanation of Significant Difference (ESD), the RMA documented and solicited public comment on changes to the scope, performance or cost of individual remedy projects. The RMA also published fact sheets documenting minor changes. 

ESD for Basin F/Basin F Exterior Remediation Project
ESD for the Basin F/Basin F Exterior Remediation and Chemical Sewer Remediation
ESD for Basin F Wastepile Remediation Project
ESD for Groundwater Remediation Requirements
ESD Groundwater Remediation and Revegetation Requirements
ESD Munitions (Testing) Soil Remediation Project
ESD for North Plants Soil Remediation Project
ESD for Offsite Waste Disposal and Cost Increase for Onsite Disposal Facility
ESD for Sand Creek Lateral and Other Ditches Remediation
ESD for the Section 36 Balance of Areas Soil Remediation
ESD Section 36 Bedrock Ridge Groundwater Plume Extraction System
ESD for the Section 36 Lime Basins Dense Non-aqueous Phase Liquid Remediation Project
ESD Shell Disposal Trenches Remediation Project
ESD for Existing Sanitary Landfills
Minor Change to the On-Post Record of Decision for RCRA-Equivalent Soil Covers, Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Minor Change to On-Post ROD for Landfill Wastewater Treatment System
Minor Change to the On-post and Off-post Records of Decision for Containment System Remediation Goals for 1,4-Dioxane and n-Nitrosodi-n-propylamine
Minor Change to the Off-Post Record of Decision for the Off-Post Groundwater Intercept and Treatment System Modification of the First Creek System
Minor Change to Off-Post Record of Decision for Off-Post Groundwater Intercept and Treatment System Modification of the Northern Pathway System