Do you live in the barracks or on-post housing and have repairs that need to be made or concerns related to poor service, lack of a response by maintenance, etc.? Use the information below to find out who to contact.

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Works Orders and Pest Control for Campbell Crossing
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Non-Emergency Work Orders and Pest Control call 931-431-3966.
Emergency Work Orders call 931-431-6029.
Grass Cutting call 1-800-481-0096.

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Housing Complaint Hotline
Call 270-956-4728 if you have a concern related to poor customer service, lack of response by maintenance, etc. regarding repairs to housing.

Works Orders and Pest Control for Barracks.
Contact your chain of command or use the DPW online work order portal. For emergency maintenance issues affecting life, limb, or government property, please call the work orders section at 270-798-1200.