CAC.pngThe mission of the Casualty Assistance Office is to provide assistance to the grieving families of deceased military personnel, active duty and retired, by providing the final demonstration of our nation’s gratitude to those who faithfully defend our country in peace and war. Casualty Assistance provides assistance to next-of-kin of critically injured, ill or deceased Army Soldiers, retirees, and veterans to include Benefits Counseling; Military Funeral Honors; and Casualty Assistance / Notification Officer training (CAO / CNO)

To request Army Military Funeral Honors, please call (270) 798-4727 or (270) 798-3927.

To report the death of an active-duty Soldier, please call (270) 798-2085, (270) 798-4729, or (270) 412-5729.

To report the death of an Army retiree, please call (270) 798-4729.

To report the death of an Army dependent, please call 270) 798-2085.

For Mortuary Affairs inquiries, please call (270) 798-2293.

For Line of Duty inquiries, please call 270) 798-2085.

For Summary Court Martial Officer inquiries, please call (270) 412-5729.

For Casualty Notification/Assistance Officer Training, please call (270) 412-3346.

For Survivor Benefit inquiries, please call (270) 412-5726.

For Supervisor, Casualty Affairs Coordinator, inquiries, please call (270) 412-5729.