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RSOSymbol.pngChaplains provide comprehensive religious support for the spiritual and moral needs of soldiers and airmen, other service members, family members, retirees, and authorized civilians.

All congregants and staff must observe CDC standards such as physical distancing, wearing face coverings and hand sanitizer.

Due to COVID-19, service schedules have changed. Please view the updated schedule below.
Catholic Mass, 1205, Fairfax Chapel
Jewish Service, 1900, Belvoir Chapel
Catholic Mass, 1700, Belvoir Chapel
Jewish Service, 1000, Belvoir Chapel
Anglican Service, 0900, Fairfax Chapel
Catholic Mass, 0930, Belvoir Chapel
Chapel Next Service, 0930, Resiliency Center
Traditional Service, 0800 & 1100, Belvoir Chapel
Catholic Mass, 1100, Fairfax Chapel
Gospel Service, 1130, Thurman Hall
*Virtual services will still be broadcasted via Facebook Live.
These guidelines will be strictly enforced by RSO staff to ensure we can provide the safest worship experience for each congregation:

-- Pews will be blocked off to ensure social distancing.

-- WatchCare and other religious education classes will NOT be provided.

-- Communion will ONLY be served with prepackaged wafer and juice from a single distribution point.

-- Fellowship time, special events and serving food and beverages is currently suspended.

-- Offering collection will be done through stationary collection points ensuring physical distancing.

-- Congregants must wear face coverings while inside chapels.

-- Volunteers (x2) will assist in counting the offering.

-- Volunteers (x4) will assist RSO Staff in wiping down all touch surfaces after each service.


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Family Life Center

The Fort Belvoir Chaplain Family Life Ministry provides competent, compassionate, confidential, counseling & pastoral psychotherapy services for Individuals, couples and families. The Family Life Center is located at Woodlawn chapel, Bldg. 1801 Wright Ave.

Click here to learn about CH Sean A. Levine, The Family Life Chaplain

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